Collection: Asexual Flags

There have been many flags that the LGBTQIA+ community has flown. These flags have rich histories and are designed to celebrate the beauty and diversity of all the different members of the community. From the iconic Pride Flag to more recent flags like the Trans Flag and Non-Binary Flag, every member of the LGBTQIA+ community has their own colours to wear and display with pride.

The asexual community first participated in a Pride event in 2009 when they joined the San Francisco Pride Parade. The following year, after a debate among the community, the decision was made to create a flag that would represent and celebrate all the diverse and beautiful members. Various flag designs were considered with the final selection being the fabulous flag that is now seen being flown and worn proudly in Pride events all around the world.

Like many LGBTQIA+ flags, the Asexual Pride Flag, also known as the Ace Flag is designed with horizontal stripes of different colours, each representing a value or feature that is important to the community. The Asexual Flag has four horizontal stripes going, from top to bottom, black, grey, white and purple. The black stripe is designed to represent asexuality; the grey stripe represents a grey area between asexuality and sexuality; the white stripe represents sexuality, and the purple stripe represents community.

Ace Week takes place in the last week of October. It was started in 2010 by Sara Beth Brooks and has been embraced by the community. Ace week is a time of celebration for the community when they look to raise awareness of asexuality and fly their flags with pride.

As well as Ace week, there is also International Asexuality Day which is a yearly celebration of the asexuality community. It takes place every April 6th and is intended to emphasise the place of the asexual community in the world. Particularly important is raising awareness of asexuality outside of the Western world in places where asexuality gets less coverage. A committee of international contributors spent a year planning the first Asexuality Day and preparing the press releases and website. They decided that April 6th was the best day because it didn’t clash with any other significant world events. The first International Asexuality Day took place in 2021 with asexual organisations from more than 26 different countries taking part. There were advocacy programs, virtual meetups and many other wonderful activities.

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