Collection: Gender Fluid Flags

The LGBTQIA+ community has adopted many different flags over the years. Some can trace their roots back many decades with revisions being made all the time to ensure that they are as inclusive as possible, while others are new flags, designed to better represent a particular group within the community. These flags are both symbols to rally around and to celebrate. They represent the fabulous diversity of the LGBTQIA+ community and celebrate its vibrancy and its togetherness.

The Gender Fluid Flag was created by JJ Poole in 2012 as a symbol for the gender-fluid community to rally around and celebrate their identity. It is designed to be completely inclusive to encapsulate the values of the gender fluid community.

The flag has five horizontal stripes: The top stripe is pink which represents femininity. The next stripe down is white which represents all the genders together (as white is made from all the colours together). The middle stripe is purple which represents femininity and masculinity together. The fourth stripe is black which represents genderless people (as black is a complete lack of colour). The bottom stripe is blue which represents masculinity.

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