Collection: Pansexual Flags

There are so many fabulous flags that represent the diverse, vibrant people that make up the LGBTQIA+ community. They have fascinating histories with some flags changing over the years to include more members of the community and new flags being created to celebrate different aspects of identity.

The Pansexual Flag is a beautiful flag that was first created by Tumblr user Jasper V during the early 2010s. He wanted to create a flag that would both represent the Pansexual community and also differentiate it from the Bisexual community. It has three horizontal stripes in vibrant hues of magenta, yellow and cyan, all of which represent a different aspect of pansexuality. The top stripe is magenta and it signifies femininity. The middle stripe is yellow and it signifies non-binary people. The bottom stripe is blue and it represents masculinity. These colours are designed to celebrate the fact that pansexuals have romances and relationships with people of all sexualities, genders and identities. The Pansexual Flag is a colourful testament to the community’s inclusiveness and love for all people.

Since its creation, the Pansexual Pride Flag has been worn and flown in celebration of the pansexual community at LGBTQIA+ events all around the world. It represents the community and displays their love, inclusiveness and their strong values of compassion and acceptance.

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We have a huge range of other LGBT flags in addition to our Pansexual Flag products. These include Pride Flags, Pansexual Flags, Gender Fluid Flags, Trans Flags, Bisexual Flags, Lesbian Flags, Non-Binary Flags, Asexual Flags and many others. All of these flags represent the beauty and diversity of the LGBTQIA+ community and we are proud to be able to provide the community with the highest quality products available. Whatever flag represents you, we have what you need!