Collection: Pride Flags

The Pride Flag is widely known across the world as the symbol which represents the LGBTQIA+ community. It was designed by artist Gilbert Baker in San Francisco in 1978 at the request of influential gay rights leader Harvey Milk. He wanted a new symbol for the LGBTQIA+ community that would celebrate its diversity and which everyone could wear with pride. With this idea in mind, Baker got to work, and with the help of some volunteers, he hand-dyed and sewed together the very first Pride Flag.

The original flag was a little different from the one we see today. Originally, Baker’s Pride Flag had pink, indigo and turquoise but these colours are not found on today’s flag which has red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. The pink was removed because when it came to reproducing the flags, the pink colour was not widely available. In 1978 when the time came to start flying the flag on lamp posts throughout San Francisco for the Pride Parade, the decision was made to remove the indigo so that there could be three colours on either side of the road. The turquoise was also changed to royal blue and that's how the flag we know and love today was made.

What's also interesting about the Pride Flag is that it's not just a rainbow; all the different colours have meanings. Red is for life; Orange is for healing. Yellow is for sunlight. Green is for nature. Blue is for harmony. Violet is for spirit. All of the colours together represent the diversity of the LGBTQIA+ community as it spans across so many different people from all over the world. They are of different ages, races, cultures, religions and many other things but together they are all united. The Pride Flag celebrates the beauty and love of the LGBTQIA+ community and reflects the love that all the members have for each other and the togetherness of the community.

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