Collection: Intersex Flags

There are many beautiful flags that the LGBTQIA+ community proudly wave and wear to celebrate its diverse identities. They can be seen at every Pride Parade, protest and LGBTQIA+ event. 

The Intersex Flag represents all the wonderful people who do not exhibit all of the biological characteristics of male or female or exhibit a combination of characteristics. It was created by Morgan Carpenter in 2013 because he felt that the symbols that were being used to represent intersex people were not a very good representation of who they were. He wanted to create an image that people could use to represent intersex people without depending upon what he saw were often misconceptions or stereotypes. 

Morgan wanted his new Intersex Pride Flag to be colourful, vivid and to stand out and look different to other LGBTQIA+ flags but he also wanted to design something that had genuine meaning behind it. His final flag design that can now be seen flying in Pride events across the world is a purple circle on a field of bright yellow.

The yellow came from a story that Morgan had heard the intersex activist Mani Mitchell tell. Mitchell had made a documentary in New Zealand about Mitchell’s life called "Yellow for Hermaphrodites". Yellow had long been a colour that has been used to signify intersex people but sometimes in a negative way so Mitchell wanted to claim it back. Morgan loved this idea and made his flag a bright yellow colour to show that intersex people were proud and had nothing to be ashamed of.

Purple is another colour that was also associated with intersex people so Morgan designed a purple circle that was all about being unbroken, whole and complete. He felt that was important because intersex people have suffered violations throughout history, and so Morgan wanted the circle to symbolise the right of intersex people to make their own decisions about their own bodies.

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