Collection: Lesbian Flags

The LGBTQIA+ community has flown many flags over the years to represent its members. These flags are beautiful visual representations that celebrate the vibrancy and diversity that makes the LGBTQIA+ community so special!

There have been various versions of the Lesbian Flags over the years which enjoyed various levels of support at different times. One of the first flags actually re-appropriated a Viking symbol that the previous fascist movements had used to denote people of the LGBTQIA+ community in a derogatory way while other flags used various striped designs like the Lipstick Lesbian Flag and the Non-Lipstick Lesbian Flag which were not dissimilar to today’s flag. These different versions were slowly phased out or rejected by the wider lesbian community for a number of different reasons but mostly because the community wanted a flag that was made by the community for the community and that represented and celebrated everyone within it.

The latest Lesbian Flag that has now been widely accepted by the lesbian community was first introduced by a blogger named Emily Gwen in 2018. It was derived from the former Pink Lesbian Flag which itself came from the earlier Lipstick Lesbian Flag.

It has seven horizontal stripes with the top three being different shades of orange, the middle stripe being white, and the bottom three being two different shades of pink and a final purple stripe. Each of the colours has a different meaning: red represents gender non-conformity, orange represents independence and community, white represents relationships unique to womanhood, light pink represents serenity, peace, love and sex, and purple represents femininity.

The lesbian community is fiercely proud and diverse which is why the flag is so vibrant with stripes in different colours and hues representing all of the community’s different members. We are so proud to be able to help all those fabulous members display and celebrate their identity with our extensive range of Lesbian Pride Flags and related products. We have Lesbian Flags and much much more so start browsing our full selection today!

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