Collection: Bisexual Flags

The bisexual flag was created in 1998 by Michael Page, to represent the bi community at pride parades. He selected the colours and patterns based on the bi-angles symbol. The flag was intended to help differentiate the bi community from the gay community, and help bring about a sense of pride to everyone who identifies as bisexual.

Like all the other LGBTQIA+ Flags, the Bisexual Pride Flag is both unique and beautiful. It consists of a pink stripe on top, a purple stripe in the middle, and a blue stripe on the bottom, in a 40-20-40% ratio. Page explained that pink represents attraction to those of the same gender identity, purple represents attraction to two or more genders, and blue represents an attraction to those of a different gender. The purple blends into the other two colours almost imperceptibly which Page described as representing bi people in the real world, who blend into both the straight and gay communities.

When it was unveiled on December 5th 1998, Page’s hope was that the Bisexual Pride Flag would increase the visibility of bisexuals in the LGBTQIA+ Community and society in general. To help encourage widespread uptake of the symbol, Page said that it was totally free for both commercial and public use and claimed no intellectual property on the design or its use. The flag became very popular among the bisexual community who rallied around its colours and wore it with great pride. Later, a meeting with Page would inspire Monica Helms to design a Trans Pride Flag for people in the trans community to have their own symbol too. You can click here for our range of Trans Flags and products.

Page’s work is a huge inspiration to everyone at LGBT Flags Australia and we are immensely proud to help represent the bi community. We have an extensive range of Bisexual Pride Flags and Bi Flag products all made from high-quality, sustainable materials. Our Bi Flags are all double-sided, durable and have the exact same design that Page intended. All of our products are made in ethical working conditions unlike some of the low-quality flags and other items available online. This means that all of our friends in the bi community can wear our flags with pride knowing exactly how they were made and where they come from.

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