Collection: Shoelaces

Unleash a flurry of toe-tapping joy with our fantastic selection of LGBTQ+ shoelaces. Whether you're a huge fan of the Rainbow Flag, a strong and proud advocate of the Trans flag, or a lover of the Bisexual Pride colours and what they represent, our awesome queer-friendly laces will snaz up your shoes and allow you to proudly display your colours in a vibrant and endearing way. 

We've got a huge range of different LGBTQ+ flag shoelaces for you to choose from so you are sure to find the perfect laces in our collection. You can fly those colours solo or if you want to match with your partner, buy a pair of LGBTQ+ laces and kit out your matching shoes! 

All our LGBTQ+ shoelaces are strong and machine-washable so grab a set today and get your shoes popping. You will be displaying your own personal Pride colours from your feet upwards in no time!

As Australia's largest pride store, LGBTQ+ Flags Australia offers the widest range of LGBTQ+ friendly accessories and fast local shipping on all orders.