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The LGBTQIA+ Community is diverse and beautiful which is why there
are such a wonderful variety of flags to celebrate all the different
groups that make up our community. Our flags are bright, colourful
celebrations of our identity, pride and love for each other and we fly
them proudly at every LGBTQIA+ parade, protest and celebration. At LGBT
Flags, we wanted to stand together with the community and be a part of
this celebration which is why we created a huge range of products so
that you can wear your flag loud and proud for the world to see.
There have been many flags that the LGBTQIA+ community has used over
its long and beautiful history. Some have evolved, others have remained
almost the same as their original designs, but all are now visible
symbols of the community’s identity and pride. All of our flags and
other products represent some of the most important flags that the
LGBTQIA+ Community holds in its heart including The Pride Flag, The
Bisexual Flag, The Pansexual Flag, The Trans Flag, The Non-Binary Flag,
the Gender-Fluid Flag, the Asexual Flag and the Intersex Flag.
All of these flags have fascinating histories behind them, stories of
struggle, endeavour and strength. They were designed by proud members
of their communities like Michael Page, Monica Helms and Gilbert Baker
who wanted to give their communities a voice and a symbol to strengthen
the bonds between them. We want to show our love and support for all of
these fabulous communities and we are so proud to help them celebrate
their identity with our Pride flags and products.
We have double-sided flags and a fantastic variety of other
flag-related products all of which are made from the highest quality
fairtrade materials. There are other flags available on the market that
are made from low-quality materials, but we are committed to providing
our customers with the best products available so that they can fly and
wear their flags proudly.
We feel strongly about ensuring all of our flags are made 100%
ethically so that they reflect the values of the LGBTQIA+ Community.
This means that we not only source the best materials for our products,
we also ensure they are made to the highest standards by skilled
We have everything from flags to badges to wristbands and all are
available to ship across Australia. To find out more about our different
shipping options or delivery times, take a look at our shipping
policies here.
As you can see from our huge range of products, we have such a
wonderful variety of different LGBTQIA+ flags which demonstrate the
breadth and diversity of the LGBTQIA+ community. These include the Pride
Flag, Progress Pride Flag, Trans Flag, Bisexual Flag, Lesbian Flag,
Gender Fluid Flag, Non-Binary Flag, Pansexual Flag, Asexual Flag,
Intersex Flag and more. Whichever flag represents you, we have
everything you need to celebrate and show your pride and love!